Art Secure: more than just insurance

Jan Van Hecke is responsible for Art Secure. Jan has been active at Vanbreda for over 25 years and is a passionate art collector with a keen interest in Belgian art post-1945.

Today, he is the primary point of contact for art insurance and the driving force behind Art Secure.

He had this to say about his recent appointment: ”I am convinced that my years of experience are necessary to develop and market the insurance products of Art Secure and the associated consultancy convincingly and with a certain degree of credibility.”

With which insurer(s) do we collaborate?

We only place these risks with specialised art insurers that are screened all the time. Those who no longer meet our standards are no longer included among the limited number of companies where we wish to place these risks.

Based on mutual trust, we have a number of proxies with a few insurers.

Who are our partners?

The role of Art Secure does not end with the conclusion and (claim) management of insurance contracts.

Experts and restorers

Art Secure would also like to be the point of contact for the management of your art collection in both the areas of conservation and restoration as well as in the area of tax & legal advice. For this, we also rely on our international partners and the experts of a few specialised art insurers.

Museums and galleries

Art Secure supports and collaborates with a number of museums and galleries.

Art magazines

Art Secure extensively reports on the risks associated with the collection, protection and insurance of art. In addition to its own articles, Art Secure publishes interesting and relevant articles from such media as the international art magazine Artdependence.