Collection Focus

The Collection Focus policy is our most comprehensive art policy with the best rates, with up to 70% better than the current market prices for jewellery.

Beyond financial protection, Art Secure also offers collection care: you can count on us 24/7 for support with claims via an emergency number. Our service is made possible through our exclusive collaboration with Art Salvage, a leading firm in collection care.

In addition, you will benefit from a lower hourly rate for conservation services by Art Salvage.

You can also come to us for legal and fiscal advice, valuation of your artworks and recommendations for (better) securing your art or other collection.

For art objects with insured values of up to €2,000,000 and for jewellery valued up to €100,000, we work with pre-calculated rates and you can take out your policy online.

Is the insured value higher? If so, we would be pleased to create a customised quote based on additional underwriting information.

Would you like more information about this unique offer?

Consult our information sheet or contact me on + 32 (0)473 98 51 31 or at