Customised art protection

Art Secure developed a series of policies exclusively for our clients with the intention of offering them the best possible financial protection against damage and loss of art objects and other collectibles. Tips for better protection are part of the underwriting process.

The risks of having an art collection

An active management enlarges the risk of damage and loss. Art collectors regularly exchange a painting in their homes, loan out statues to museums or buy/sell an installation as a function of further expanding their collections.

Many art collectors also possess other collectibles, including crystal, classic cars and old manuscripts. These objects are also gathered together and stored with much passion, for enjoyment or as an investment.

Not only private persons and firms compile art collections, the most important collections can usually be found in museums. The management of an art collection by a museum involves risks similar to those of private collectors.

In addition, there are specific risks associated with the public accessibility of the museum space where the art objects are exhibited and temporary exhibitions are held.

Art Service Provider

In cooperation with law firm Lydian and the restoration & conservation company Art Salvage we offer today an end-to-end solution for the art collection and activities of both the collector, the dealer and the museum.

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