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We spotlight contemporary Belgian art via our website and temporary expos in the Vanbreda Building.

The first artist that we will be spotlighting is Ruben Bellinkx. In his oeuvre, he explores the boundary between the possible and the impossible.

Living statue

To launch Art Secure, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits purchased a video art work by Ruben Bellinkx. Stasis (2013) shows a group of men who clamp down with their teeth on a table with supernatural strength, and on every table, there are more men doing the same.

The pyramid-shaped living statue looks like a mysterious ceremony which visitors are not entirely privy to. Stasis is a performance without sound or movement, it literally clamps people to a structure that borders on the impossible.

“I was immediately fascinated when I first saw this work,” says Jan Van Hecke. “It exudes a certain calm and mystery and the men in suits also give it a business feel. In a highly visual manner, it makes a great link between art and insurance.”

“Indeed, it was not self-evident to insure the creation of this work,” laughs Ruben Bellinkx. “The headaches I had about that convinced me to ‘loan’ my work to Art Secure.”

Multimedia artist

Ruben Bellinkx (°1975, Wilrijk, Belgium) is a multimedia artist who uses videos, installations and performances to examine man’s interaction with his natural and animal environment. Where does that boundary lie? Bellinkx is fascinated by the boundary between construction and organism, architecture and man, chair and animal, and especially where these clash. In his oeuvre, the boundary between the impossible and the possible is always tangible.

Bellinkx has showed his work at, among others, the Watou Art Festival, Art Rotterdam and ‘The Beauty of the Beast’ exhibit at the d’Ursel Castle in Hingene, Belgium. He has previously also had solo exhibits at Geukens & De Vil in Knokke, Belgium, Nest in The Hague, the Netherlands, Gallery Maskara in Mumbai, and Be-Part in Waregem, Belgium.

Currently, his work can be seen during the Ecce Homo in Antwerp, Belgium and Het Vlot in Ostend, Belgium. In the context of Het Vlot, Ruben Bellinkx will show a performance of Stasis on 31 March 2018 at the Sportstrand in Ostend.